God Bless People Who Give Up Film for Digital, or Why I Love My New Praktica BX20


Received the Praktica BX20 in the post today, my official ‘Last Camera’ (see previous blog post). There was not much bidding on this package on a certain internet auction forum, so I got something of a bargain-not just the camera but what was obviously a serious camera user’s complete collection, including a nice range of ten Cokin filters with filter mount (lots of room to experiment now), the camera itself, two very nice lenses (wide angle and macro), a rubber lens hood, camera strap, shutter cable, nice leather lens bags, and a whole canvas camera bag that it all came in. All in great nick, for £48, which you might pay for one of the lenses alone. Inserted battery today and camera itself seems to work A-OK, going with Kodak Portra for the first roll. The declared reason for the sale was that previous owner was moving to digital, but I guess he might still be disappointed with the price-for what he got, he could barely buy a very basic mobile phone. But hey, the collection is now in good hands and will definitely be USED. This may well also be the single best bargain I’ve ever got-all in all, not a bad way to bow out of the camera collecting business ;-)

written by alex34 on 2012-06-21


  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I am not normally a jealous person, but I am green with envy. I hope that you share your results soon.

  2. chipmunk
    chipmunk ·

    Nice! Can't wait to see the results :)