This thing... Photograhpy


Well, i’m relatively new at this.

You see, i’m not that kind of person that wants to appear in every single photo. At parties o gatherings i just like to be behind the camera.

And everytime someone brings a camera to a reunion, i feel the excitement.

It’s a very singular form on art. I mean, all of them are singular, but we all have the same cameras, use the same films; but not even one of our shots it’s the same. I thinks that’s awesome.

I come from an architecture background. So i tend to look at buildings more than usual. I know, it’s kind of weird, but so it’s lomography.
I tried to experiment the use of homemade cameras. But before i started on the pinhole diy, y wanted some guidance.
So I downloaded the rubikon 2, printed it and glued it all toghether.
Still waiting for the film to be developed, and i can’t wait !

I think photography kinda controls my axiety. I mean, you have to wait. You HAVE to. So, there’s nothing you can do about it… Except take more photos in the meantime.

It’s good to hear the camera, let it tell you what she wants you to see. Because it helps you to recognize the details in everyday life.

Don’t think, just shoot.

written by aldana on 2013-01-23

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    I'm uploading right now !