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Red and Green Filter Tip

If you're lacking in inspiration and are tired of the same journey into work each day fear not! With this simple filter technique you can inject a whole new burst of colour into your photographs. Read on for more information.

Simple Color Gels or Filters Holder for the Diana Mini's Flash

I've always been looking for a really simple solution to hold my color gels of my Diana Mini's flash WITH the camera and make them easy to grab when I want to use them. I also wanted something to keep them from getting damaged. Let me show you how I found a simple way to make it.

Monochrome Madness: Delicious Detail

When you remove colour from the equation, what seems like a dull subject can become equally pleasing to the eye. Try simplifying your subjects when shooting black and white.

5 Tips to Being a Thrifty Photographer!

In this tipster, you will find out how you can save money on film photography. I will go over the five basic ways on how any film photographer and Lomographer can pursue their artistic dreams and develop their creative outlets without having to spend a fortune.

Food (Photography) for Thought

The Holidays are coming and we all know what that means: great food! Who can resist taking pictures of those great dishes. But how do we make those pictures look as tasty as the real thing?

Making the El Bokeh Wall

Love bokeh on your photos? Check out this quick and dirty Tipster on how to add more specular highlights to your bokeh photos!

Tip for Scanning Your Negatives Without a Scanner

Do you want to scan your negatives a different way? I have the solution, you don't even need a scanner! Just keep reading and you'll see! :)

Photographing Black and White Nature: Tipster

We all know how astonishing and breath-taking Mother Nature can be. However, are you able to take advantage of all this beauty and portray it in your photographs? Here are some humble tips that may help you.

Change Your World by Changing Your Angle!

What kind of angle do you usually use to shoot your shots? I do understand that everyone uses different camera angles due to the subject one likes to capture. However, what I always try to do when I shoot is to have a low angle. When you hold your camera and shoot with the low angle, you can definitely gain a different result on your film! You can change your world by changing your angle!

Upside down

Silhouette Love

I think silhouettes are familiar to everyone. I personally love to take the silhouettes of tree branches. Silhouette is full of mystery, mood and emotion. I love silhouettes because they do not give a clear picture of the photos for us to create imagination.

Rollie in Paris

Comic: Film vs Digital Photography

Let’s be honest, everybody has their own stereotype of one another. This also applies to the photography world where analogue enthusiasts have this certain impression towards digital lovers, and vice versa.

Spot the Difference: Analog vs Digital

A field test to compare digital and analog photography.

Don't Be Afraid of Moving Your Camera!

One most often thinks about exposure time when shooting in a dark setting. So what setting befits an eight-second exposure? When attempting to capture the night scenes in your city? Perhaps, but let artist Nicolas Ruel provide you with a less conventional answer!


A meticulous technique, learn to make such microclics after the jump!


Life's Daily Photo Walk with MX Skills

this one is really easy. It's something you can easily try within all the techniques from MX. You can basically snap whatever you want, and you can create very unique shots! You just need to know how to MX it :)

Chile - Squares

Simple Camera Strap for the Diana Baby 110

A few days ago I got my super cute Diana Baby 110. With my cameras, I always like to safely carry them around my neck, so I quickly made a camera strap.

Some shots.