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Tipster Of The Day: I Flash You, You Split Me.

For some regions are already experiencing heavy monsoons on a daily basis while to some who are living on the other hemisphere of the globe are starting to feel the first chill of autumn to sweep on their lovely cheeks.

Optic Matters: Choosing Lenses for Portraiture

Ask any professional or intermediate-level photographer about taking the best portraits and you will be told that good portraiture starts with choosing the right lens. So, which is it?

DIY Splitzer for Fisheye

I am sure that everyone knows LCA+ and Diana F+ cameras have Splitzer as one of the accessories. But, have you ever dreamed of getting your own splitzer for Fisheye cameras? And you can get it for free! yeah, you read that, free! Just do-it-yourself your own splitzer at home.

Optic Matters: The Power of Telephoto

When taking photos, the type of lens you use is crucial to the results you want to produce. This is why photographers use certain lenses for portraits, capturing immense landscapes, making miniature objects seem larger than life, or photographing distant subjects in intricate detail. And to bring a distant subject seemingly “closer” to you, a telephoto lens is the weapon of choice.

A Beginner’s Guide to C-41 Developing at Home (It’s a Lot Easier Than you Think!) - Part Two of Two

Hello again, analogue lovers! I hope you haven't been waiting too long for the second part of this tutorial. I hope that, now that you're well-informed on the basic equipment you'll need for C-41 home development, you're ready for the actual development process itself, which we will be covering in its entirety in this article.

Using a DigitaLIZA or DigitaLIZA 110 to Scan Super 8 Film

In this tutorial, I’ll explain how and why you can use a super 8 camera to take 3,600 individual photos and scan them using a Lomography DigitaLIZA or Lomography DigitaLIZA 110.

Fuji Instax in Freezer

Tungsten Effect!

I’m Not There: The Reflection of Shadow

Barcelona photographer PoL Úbeda Hervàs published an album named "I'm Not There" consisting of a series of portraits. Interestingly, the object of the portraits are merely a shadow with a pair of shoes.

Analogue Girl About Town: Resolutions

Ah, it’s a whole new year again. The merry feasting is over. It’s time to make way for another old tradition: reflect on the year past and make resolutions to better ourselves.

Self Portraits - Fun with Instax Mini!

If you're like me and love taking self portraits, this article is for you! Read my tips after the jump!

Homemade Bottle-Cap-Splitzer for La Sardina / Diana Mini!

Don't throw away the bottle cap after enjoying your Cola! Keep and transform it into a homemade splitzer for your La Sardina or even Diana Mini!

Easy DIY Case for the LomoKino

I really wanted to sew my LomoKino a little protection, because I always have everything transported in a large bag. This time I just took a colorful fabric.

DIY Splitzers For (Nearly) Nothing!

Here's how to achieve those great splitzer images without spending a cent! It's so simple and easy!

Thread Wrapped Leather Camera Strap

In this article from Instructables, we'll learn how to make our own leather camera strap for the Lubitel. If you want a long-lasting strap that will hold your Lubitel when you go an analogue adventure, read this article from gmjhowe.

Doubling your Fun with Double Exposures: Master the Technique

Double exposures can create an alternate perception of reality and truly unique results. You can get amazing doubles simply by chance, but you might increase your chances of getting truly satisfying results if you plan a little bit in advance. I'll leave you with my tips for successfully creating double exposures, just after the jump!

'Rangefinder' Focusing with the Holga 135

Ever wanted to quickly focus the Holga without looking away from the finder? Now you can with this quick tipster!

From Rapper to Analogue Rastafarian

From West Coast Rapper to reincarnated Jamaican Rastafarian, the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg is releasing a new analogue sound. Check out the first track of Snoop Lion's latest album, recorded on vinyl!

Diana Leather Case Mod for Your 35mm Back!

Bought yourself the Diana F+ leather case but often using a 35mm back? Worry no more! This little mod will help make all its parts fit in style!

Real Lomo Walls?

Getting backed up on prints from getting film developed and your wall is lacking rad decorations? Grab the tape and get to work.

My First Great LOMO LC-A Race Shots.

The race is well and done, but stouf has a special treat for us: This is a chronicle of my turn in the LC-A Race and how I understood why everybody is crazy about the LOMO LC-A!

Make Yourself a Splitzer

Make your own Splitzer! All you need is black electrical tape, a creative imagination and you're all set! Learn how I created my splitzer after the break.

How to Get Great Pinhole Pictures Using a Sweet Tin!

In this tipster, find out how to turn your empty sweet tin into a basic pinhole camera capturing images straight onto light sensitive paper.

Destroying Film to Play with Color

I have recently completed my first film destroy mission and have been amazed at the beautiful warped colours it has produced! The best way to play with colours is to use the unexpected. So why not add a bit of excitement to your pictures and take a risk? Read on to find our more about my film destroyer which produced psychedelic results!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25: A Great Toy for the Complete Novice

The light and handy Fujifilm Instax mini 25 is a new addition to my camera collection. This camera is easy to use and has a few new features compared to its predecessor. Keep reading for more details!

Workshop: Rainbow Color-Gel Magic

One of the most under utilized little accessories at Lomography is the color-gel. Those tiny little strips of transparent color that you get with your flash have so many more uses than just to add a pop of color in low-light situations. Join us at the Lomography Gallery Store Gramercy to explore just what other uses of color these gels can have for your spectacular photographs!

Fisheye Submarine Case: The Perfect Accessory for Summer!

How to exploit a funny and easy camera and make it your favourite analogue companion for the summer!

Taking Back Tipsters: La Sardina DIY Projects

Some months ago, we put together some awesome tips and tricks when it comes to shooting with and jazzing up the La Sardina. Now, we're taking you back to some more nifty tipsters of the crafty, DIY kind!

What to Avoid When Doing Light Painting

For some of us light painting could make our eyes stop blinking. Also, it can push our creative intuition to the edge. But, there are several that I would consider as mistakes when doing it. As a result, there are only tired and weird pictures, that had many annoying element on its. So based on my shots here goes things that you need to avoid while doing light painting.

Underwater Photos with Diana F+

A quick and easy way to take pictures underwater with your Diana F+, with just a plastic bag, some rubber-bands, and maybe some duct tape.

DIY Color Gels with a Twist!

Did you lose your color gels for your Colorsplash Flash? Or are you just getting a bit bored with your same old color gels? Read on to see how to make your own color gels with a bit of twist on it!

Make a 'Quadrachrome' Filter for Your Diana F+ Out of Unused Flash Gels

Do you have a bunch of Diana F+ flash gels sitting around unused? Well, here's an easy tip on how to turn them into rainbow gold...and start capturing the world in glorious quadrachrome!