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Kodak Aerochrome III 1443 (120, 400 iso) user-review

Kodak Aerochrome ||| Infrared Film 1443 is the last false-color infrared (CIR) film in production in the world. It is now temporarily available in 120 and 135 formats.

Diana Mini - Splitzer Made of Film Canister Caps

You can make this tipster even if you are all thumbs. Within a couple of minutes you can tinker a Splitzer for your Diana Mini!

Cameron Knight's Lubitel Tutorial

One of the most common questions that is asked from professional photographers is the one of preparation. From picking equipment, the right angle of lighting, the most apt location, to the shoot itself, taking a virtual tour of the thought process of a photographer is quite an experience. Here's Cameron Knight's tour with a Lubitel!

Tipster of the Week: I Want to Be A LomoStar!

Have you ever seen sun looking like big shiny star? No? Ever been on a scenario where the night sky becomes overcast just when you've planned on learning the zodiac constellations, yeah? Frustrating isn't it? Well for this week, we got something very special that will certainly have you catching and shooting stars in no time!

A Room with A Special View

Like to see things big through a tiny hole? Why not transform your room in to a giant Camera Obscura!

DIY E6 Processing

Some useful tips about E6 processing.

FoilJoy - Flashless Color Delight

All of you colorsplashers out there, listen up! The absence of fresh batteries for my "colorsplash flash":http://www.lomography.com/colorsplashflash recently cheered up my creativity. But as we all know - necessity is the mother of invention!

Tipster Of The Week: Double Fun!

With everything else new at this time of the year, the "tipster":http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/blog/2009/01/02/tipster-the-all-new-diy-feature-cameras-and-accessories-on-lomography-com never fails to have its own renewal (but of course!) and makes everything more faster, feels stronger and looks better than ever before!

Time to Craft - Bring Your Lomo Wall Every Day!

Being a Lomographer, you may always have a camera with you, maybe a notebook as well. A tiny notebook can record your sudden fantastic idea, jot down the contact of new friends, and hold the instant photos you just shot! If you’d like to buy one, how about make one by yourself? Let’s make a unique “Lomo Wall Notebook”!

LomoWalls of the Week

Curious collages, colorful mosaics and quirky portraits decorate this week's LomoWall of fame. Think youre part of the cool kids? Check it out!

A Beginner's Guide to Tilt Shift Photography Part 2

If you want some crazy tilt to your photography you have two choices - spend a fortune on an expensive professional lens or build your own. It's easy, honest!

Filmswap - Doubles for Sharing

How to achieve accurate filmswaps, to share a roll with any lomofriend.

Lomo Case for No Mo' money

I built my own lomo case out of an old luggage and leftover foam pieces. It is free, cheap and I had it customised to myself and my cameras, and did I already mentioned it's free?

Scratch It when It's Crap!

You've got pictures that you sorted out, but you don't have the heart to throw them away? Then here comes a dead right tipster for you!

The Creative Diarist: Mulberry Paper Tipster

Helen from top crafty blog The Creative Diarist is back with another genius (and surprisingly simple) way to make your Lomographic prints even more beautiful!

Magnifiying glass lens

Your SLR don't have a lens? Want to make a cheap lens? well, here come a tipster for you guys who don't have lens for your camera.

How To Make a Double Matchbox Pinhole Camera

World Pinhole Photography Day/Week is coming up on the 24th of April and I wanted to share a 'How to make' with you all. Some years ago I put together two matchboxes and made a bizarre panoramic double image mash up cam which allows you to overlap, multi expose or juxtapose different images together. If you embrace a challenge and love the unexpected, then this is the cam for you.

The Joys of Messing Around with Your Cameras

Although I am without a certificate as a camera technician, such has not stopped me from messing around with my toy cameras. It is a fun and worthwhile way of contributing to your photographic output.

Redscale film as a red filter

A redscale film can act as a red filter behind your lens! Proof? Lift your head and look up into the sky! An easy tips for everyone who wants to try redscale out.

Visit from Outer Space: Light Spots and Color Dots

Have you ever exposed a film before loading into your camera? If not, you must certainly try this tipster: the effects are unique and the results are astonishing.

Scanning Sprocket Holes using Epson Scanners

For anyone who’s bought a Spinner 360 or Sprocket Rocket, figuring out how to scan sprockets can take a lot of trial and error...which is why I wrote this guide.

The Lomomaaaaaaaaagneeets!

If you have a fridge and want to decorate with your best photos... All that you need are: The Lomomaaagneets!!!

Room divider!

What to do with the empty film canisters? Look what a splendid idea RePlayGround had: a room divider!

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Macro fun with velvia 50 xpro