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  • Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 35mm

    Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 35mm
    Whacked out colors? Sure, why not. Hot highlights and bright tones? Yes. Such has been my personal experience with Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 film. As you continue reading, treat this not only as a critique of the film, but feel free to critique the photographer. Maybe I've done something terribly wrong!
  • Springtime Analogue Shooting in a Garden

    Springtime Analogue Shooting in a Garden
    Leaves saturated in shades of lime, asparagus, clover and olive decorate the tips of freshly awakened trees which cast their cool, shady shadows upon the earth where rainbow colored flora blooms and blossoms. It is without a question that spring has arrived in the garden. It is without a doubt that her beauty beckons and begs to be captured.
  • Sunshine Everywhere at Siesta Key

    Sunshine Everywhere at Siesta Key
    Florida is a well-known vacation destination for those in search of the sun's sunny warm rays. However, not all beaches in Florida are created equally. If you find yourself in the central part of the state and on the west side, allow me to point you to one of my favourite beaches to soak up the sun.
  • TnT Carnival: Greatest Show on Earth

    TnT Carnival: Greatest Show on Earth
    Known for putting on "The Greatest Show on Earth," carnival season on the two-island Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago is one heck of a reason to join the fete (party) with a little limin' (relaxation) afterwards.
  • The Seaweed Farms of Jambiani

    The Seaweed Farms of Jambiani
    Bright violent sunlight streams from a nearly cloudless, blue sky striking the soft wet sands of the early morning Swahili Coast. Wooden dhows rest motionlessly atop of tiny pools waiting for the ocean's water to roll back in, waiting to bob and weave while in pursuit of fish with their fishermen friends again. Cloaked in vibrant khanga cloth, the women of the village move away from their jagged coral, shell, and concrete constructed abodes.
  • Exit 17 to Dinosaur World

    Exit 17 to Dinosaur World
    If big action Hollywood cinema featuring large terrestrial reptiles who roamed the Earth long before Lomographic cameras existed are your type of deal, then you've probably seen Jurassic Park more than a few times. Combine your love of dinosaurs with a trip down Florida's east-west corridor on Interstate-4 and you'll surely be excited to find Dinosaur World.
  • Sea Cows and Smoke Stacks

    Sea Cows and Smoke Stacks
    Industry and nature collide in a good way at the Tampa Electric Company Power Plant. Just below the streams of puffy white particle clouds rests a discharge canal and in its warm winter and spring waters are the manatees.
  • Roma: Exploring the Beaten Path

    Roma: Exploring the Beaten Path
    Perhaps I am a bit snobby in my selection of place. Too snobby for my own good. I desire off-beaten paths in less visited stretches of the planet with few conveniences. Urban madness, smog and city life are too familiar for me. I've lived in cities and in towns.
  • Lomolutions 2011: Got Any?

    Lomolutions 2011: Got Any?
    A whole new year full of bright horizons and new beginnings is just around the bend. Resolutions to become a better girlfriend, to learn a new language or to finally lose that extra 10lbs will be broken days after the ball drops. I hate resolutions, so I'm not creating any.