Levitation #2

Nice Blue Sky!
I Believe I Can Fly!
Marko A.K.A mgf Levitation
Air Jordan Wannabe!

Introducing the three of us!

Meet Chris A.K.A Kuryzu

Credits: adi_totp

Meet Marko A.K.A mgf

Credits: adi_totp

Meet Adi A.K.A adi_totp

Credits: adi_totp

Kung Fu Action!!

Credits: adi_totp

I remember this R.Kelly song " I Believe I Can Fly" . Do you all believe you can fly?

We believe we can!!

Levitate, fly, jump or float, whatever you call it. Just Let Loose with Lomography. Lomo on!

written by adi_totp on 2011-04-09