When is the right time for criticism?


I’ve written over 71 articles for this web site. That’s not bad going for one year. I wrote my back to basics series after seeing some comments on the site from people wondering why they were not getting the results they wanted. I knew why and knew how to help. Sure the piggies are nice, but they are not the reason I did it.

I wanted to help where I could.

I had an evening of fun with my kids not so long ago. Mucking around in the dark with torches and flashed and cameras. When the call out came for “Spooky Lighting Techniques” I thought “Hey, that was a laugh and it fits, I reckon people would like to do that too – it was a blast”.

So I shared that experience.

I shared.


A couple of people liked the article. Which is nice, I hope they have fun mucking around like I did. However one dude wrote this:

“Hate to be critical, but you didn’t really show or explain up-lighting. This is mostly washed out images. I expect better from these articles.”

In 71 articles no one has had such a lack of respect, no one has been patronising. “I expect better from these articles.”

I’ve got many, many likes, a few ‘articles of the weeks’. Surely my articles cannot be that bad!

I love the Film Photography Project. I love Michael Raso’s philosophy. It’s simply be nice. The internet is chock full of forums with people arguing, whining and bitching. I didn’t think this was the place for that sort of feedback. If I don’t like something. I shut up. Because I’m nice. I was brought up well.

I think criticism is ok, but only when it’s invited. Healthy debate is ok, if you proclaim to be an expert or are in politics. But amongst amateurs (as in non-professional), unless invited it’s not.

Well a couple of people thought the idea in that article was fun, to all those who didn’t and said nothing. Thank you for your courtesy.

written by adam_g2000 on 2012-11-17


  1. zane_2013
    zane_2013 ·

    I can understand being irked. What was said to you was hardly true criticism though. I would offer up one book that would help. I consider it a 'must have' for anyone even partly serious about photography. The link is a commercial one(Amazon)so I hope you'll pardon that-I'm not trying to sell the book but it will give you a starting point to consider it.


  2. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    @zane_2013 Thanks for that, the fourth edition does look interesting. I 'may' have been guilty of lashing out and blurred the lines here between criticism and critique, the article and my photos. The comment left behind to which I refer did that too, and re-read is a troll.