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    thirty-fifth film developed with the same 1-liter TETENAL mix

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    shot at f/4 and 1/45 #blackandwhite #bw #b&w #Xpan #streetphotography #filmisnotdead

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    During my stay in Maccagno, I was fascinated by the view from the house we rented: from the hill, there was this stunning panorama of the lake, oriented full south, so that I could watch the sunrise coming from behind the mountains on the left and the sunset when the light disappeared behind the mountains on the right. I really became obsessed with this view, shooting it a lot of times at various moments of the day, mainly morning and end of the day. Here's a little selection of some of these views, hope you enjoy it and understand my compulsive obsession to shoot this panoramic view...

  • love is all around

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    เมื่อคู่ของเราอยากจะมีงานพรีเว็ดดิ้งในแบบที่ไม่เหมือนใคร .. #lomoloveairlab

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  • Long Exposure

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  • Going Under (Svalbard #11)

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    It might have been the hardest photographic conditions ever in the polar station of Ny Ålesund. Because of the polar night in November, there was only glimpses of light around noon, Other than that only darkness and the lights of the buildings in the worlds northermost settlement. I was taking my free saturday to walk around and to take shots. As i was limited to only little weight on my trip, I had to decide which cameras i can take. For panoramics I decided for the XPAN and the very wide wide wide 30mm lens. Because I knew I had to expose the hell out of the frame, with swing lenses you just have a limit on exposure times. For the landscape picture I might have exposed the picture up to 4 minutes. But it was cold and windy and did I mention cold? So I had set the distance, the frame and aperture in darkness. I used a gorillapod with a release cable and because of the low level and the darkness I had to assume and guess the distance to the objects. I was a game of trial and error. I learned a lot. I am grateful!

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  • 記憶世界-モノクローム-

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  • Twisted London Eye

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    A double exposure of the London Eye. Taken with expired Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 35mm.

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    #olympustrip35 #trip35 #ilforddelta100 #creepy #death #piano #blackandwhite

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  • Route industriekultur 2015 LWL-Industriemuseum…

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    #LomoLC-A #Italy #Lecce #Bari #Brindisi #Otranto #sea #summer

  • Purple Eisenbahn

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    #LCP, #purple

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    #holga120gn #neopanacross100

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    Shots taken at the various sites of the Zeche Zollverein area in Essen. I haven't been there for many years and now it is more like a museum than an abandoned plant. Things change.

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  • 桂林

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  • Tinn

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    My first visiting to Lisbon! It was so wonderful city!


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    My first visiting to Lisbon! It was so wonderful city!

  • New York City

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    A photograph of Lower Manhattan from Liberty State Park, NJ

  • Central Park

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    Road trip from Almeria to Cantabria in #spain with #canonA1 and #purplefilm

  • Misty Morning

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  • Chateau Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou

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    Vacation in the village of Dalešice in the Czech Republic, where is a famous brewery (used as a location in one czech movie) and also photos from the chateau Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou. Diana F+ with Premium Glass Lens and Lomochrome Turquise. :)

  • Skookumchuk Panoramas

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    Summer redscales, mainly from the Skookumchuk hike

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    1st day in NYC: walking along the Highline and then down to Brooklyn Bridge

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  • Iman and Icha

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    A session with my bestfriend

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    #petzval #art #artlens #petzval85 #85 #Nikon #FM10 #35mm #believeinfilm #film #ISO100 #tokyo #shibuya #japan #lomography #lomo #photography #harajuku #gaien #原宿 #東京 #渋谷 #ペッツバール

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    Petzval, petzval 85, jazz, jazz age lawn, portrait, black and white, ilford 400, new york, ny

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  • Ruxandra

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  • #PrayForIndonesianPilgrimInMecca

    shared by hervinsyah on 2015-03-19 Saudi Arabia, Mecca, Al Masjid Al Haram, also the place of Ka'bah, the holy giant square for moslem all over the world because it's the direction for praying.

  • Exposure Both Side

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    Most Popular Photo Uploaded in 2013 ___ Most Popular Photo Last Year: April 18, 2013

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    Liberty State Park/NJ/Olympus/Arista 400

  • オルタナの道 -alternative way

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    Shot with a splitzer and self-timer for self portrait. Each shot I changed the cloth, originally red(top) and yellow(down) shirts. Interesting result came out by using LomoChrome Turquoise.