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  • Picture This: Freedom

    Picture This: Freedom
    Man belongs to nature. Nature makes part of our nature. Inspirational nature gives me the true feeling of freedom. Freedom is naturally a man’s need. So, nature has a strong relation with freedom.
  • Just Another LomoArch: Xaviru

    Just Another LomoArch: Xaviru
    He is a lomographer in a parallel world filled with imagination, a lomoarch playing with tangible but distant realities. His gallery, with rich variety of styles, reveals a great power of versatility and an adaptation to different scenarios outward in each frame. I’m glad to present our next exclusive LomoArch: xaviru!
  • Existe uma arquitetura em SP

    Existe uma arquitetura em SP
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    A arquitetura de cada cidade conta uma história e reflete identidades únicas incapazes de serem confundidas ou copiadas. São Paulo espelha uma essência criativa que flui em todo o seu espaço. Alguns edifícios denotam-se como marcos de referência ou meras obras de arte.
  • Parque Ibirapuera e Niemeyer

    Parque Ibirapuera e Niemeyer
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Perdido na selva urbana chamada São Paulo, o Parque Ibirapuera tem o poder de nos transportar para uma dimensão onde a natureza se mescla com a arquitetura de Niemeyer. Um local verde cheio de magia contagiante ao qual a cultura atribui uma ambiência única.
  • Just Another LomoArch: Zingaboom

    Just Another LomoArch: Zingaboom
    She is a lomographer that plays with several cameras, a lomoarch stunned with abstract details. She has been a lomographer for a long time and she sees the world through lens since childhood. I’m especially pleased to introduce our very first female LomoArch: zingaboom!
  • Just Another LomoArch: Gionnired

    Just Another LomoArch: Gionnired
    He is a lomographer rendering the real world, a lomoarch wandering the streets with the curious eyes that so well characterize architects. He makes part of the fresh generations of architects and that’s visible in its way of expression. I’m happy to announce our next polished LomoArch: gionnired!
  • Capturando o Outono e suas Cores Naturais

    Capturando o Outono e suas Cores Naturais
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    O que você gosta de ver quando está navegando através de fotos de Outono? É tudo sobre as cores naturais ou precisamos de algum brilho especial?
  • Capturing Autumn’s Natural Colours

    Capturing Autumn’s Natural Colours
    What do you like to see when you’re browsing through Autumn photos? Is it all about the natural colours or do we need some special glow?
  • Capturando el Otoño y sus Colores Naturales

    Capturando el Otoño y sus Colores Naturales
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    ¿Qué te gusta ver cuando estás navegando a través de fotos de otoño? ¿Es todo acerca de los colores naturales o necesitamos un poco de brillo especial?
  • Hojas de otoño por todas partes calentando la ciudad

    Hojas de otoño por todas partes calentando la ciudad
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    El otoño ha llegado y con él trajo vientos fríos y colores cálidos. Las hojas están cayendo y el rojo, el naranja y el amarillo están tomando el control. Pronto todo será de color marrón y triste.
  • A Minha Infância Analógica

    A Minha Infância Analógica
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Às vezes, deixo-me levar por entre cantos adesivos, papel autocolante e o odor único dos álbuns de fotos antigos. Desta vez eu vou deixar você mergulhar comigo nesta lagoa especial de memórias analógicas e que é como que um... segredo.
  • Autumn Leaves All Around Warming the City

    Autumn Leaves All Around Warming the City
    Autumn is here and with it, brought cold winds and warm colors. Leaves are falling and the red, orange, and yellow are taking over. Soon, everything will be brown and sad.
  • Functionality VS Aesthetics

    Functionality VS Aesthetics
    Analogue and consequently lomography, is becoming more and more a fancy theme to “carry around”. For those who thought this movement had its days counted, now you can be sure that it’s here to stay and to embellish a new era. But, aren’t the aesthetics overlapping functionality?
  • Just Another LomoArch: Microbio

    Just Another LomoArch: Microbio
    He is a lomographer who loves to experiment and achieve the unusual, a LomoArch bursting with understandable ideals. He has a restless and overwhelmed mind and he is fortunate to work as an architectural photographer. With true delight, I present to you our next exceptional LomoArch: microbio!
  • Just Another LomoArch: Srmarcus

    Just Another LomoArch: Srmarcus
    He is a lomographer full of sensibility and exquisite perception, a lomoarch with a good eye for authentic compositions and mad doubles. He appraises what surrounds him, he sure knows what he’s talking about and what he’s doing. Here you go, the next super creative LomoArch: srmarcus!
  • Coloured Walls From Sampa

    Coloured Walls From Sampa
    São Paulo aka Sampa has one of the world's most famous creative, underground, and alternative flavours. Coloured façades, graffiti, and diverse ways of street art are all around. Please, be my guest and lose yourself inside this real-life cartoon full of colours.
  • Just Another LomoArch: Borbapereira

    Just Another LomoArch: Borbapereira
    He is a lomographer lost between films and developments, a lomoarch whose lomopath is delimited by b&w nostalgic albums. He lives in an inspiring city surrounded by the ideal environment to stimulate creativity and he captures this essence in each frame. Here comes our next beloved LomoArch: borbapereira!
  • Viana do Castelo in Black and White

    Viana do Castelo in Black and White
    The Atlantic Sea plays a very important role in Portugal’s history and culture. In Minho, the pleasant weather and aged villages result in the perfect combination. The moment I return to my country, this is the city that I want to live in: Viana do Castelo.
  • Just Another LomoArch: Rotte

    Just Another LomoArch: Rotte
    He is a lomographer finishing architecture studies and the passion, typical from this stage, is obvious in his work. He lives in an amazing country with the craziest architecture. I’m thrilled of bringing you our next LomoArch: rotte!
  • Just Another LomoArch: Qrro

    Just Another LomoArch: Qrro
    He is a lomographer that fell with body and soul in this lomoworld, a Latin boy spreading sympathy throughout the community. He has a passion that follows him everywhere and helps him with a memory problem. I’m pleased to introduce you our next LomoArch: qrro!