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Consider the microsite as the 'home' of every product that you'll find in our line-up. Microsites give you the complete lowdown – technical specification, tips and tricks, shop links, galleries, and all the necessary info that you need on each product!

Diana Microsites


Diana+ and Diana F+

Our faithful reproduction of the 60s original medium format Diana camera, loved for its lo-fi and soft-focused qualities. Here you can also find all the lenses, accessories, tips, and clones, all exclusive to the Diana+.

Diana Mini

Super sweet, the Diana Mini has got plenty of style and features to the nines. With the flick of a little switch you can move from the retro square format to the amazing Half-Frame, giving you the ability to Shoot Forever, packing 72 shots onto one 35mm film!

Fisheye Microsites


Fisheye Camera

Get to know more about the world's first compact Fisheye camera – 170 degrees and Fisheye distortion in a 35mm print!

Fisheye 2 Camera

All the functions of the original Fisheye camera enhanced with a flash and a multiple exposure option.

Lomo Instant Microsite

Instant Photography

The Lomo’Instant

It’s the world’s most creative instant camera ever! The Lomo’Instant Camera makes taking instant photos even more exciting with its special features, such as: infinite long exposures, unlimited multiple exposures, an advanced lens system and more.

LC-A Microsites

LC-A and LC-Wide


Our faithful recreation of the original Russian LC-A, with a bevy of new features! You can also find all the LC-A models we offer plus every accessory for the LC-A+ on this microsite.

LC-A+ White

Designed by Lomography Japan, the iconic Lomo LC-A+’s classic look is updated with a fresh wash of white.


Sporting a newly developed 17mm Minigon 1 lens, the LC-Wide is the world’s widest auto compact camera – Say hello to the latest innovation in the Lomo legacy!

Multi-Lens Microsites



Capture a piece of the action into four sequential images on one print! As the first multi-lens camera to be offered by Lomography, this plastic gem holds a special place in our hearts.


Take 8 sequential shots on one photo with this perky multi-lens. You can even make your own animated mini-movie on Lomography.com with your photos from this camera.

Pop 9

For pop art and pattern-lovers, this camera takes nine repeating images in one 35mm print!


Lightweight and fuss-free, this multi-lens takes four sequential, vertical images on one photo!

Supersampler Dalek Edition

Special edition Supersampler camera, a project between Lomography and New York-based artist Dalek.

Panorama Microsites


Horizon (Kompakt & Perfekt)

Choose Horizon Kompakt for easy panoramic shots; the Horizon Perfekt is the pick for the pro. Both cameras yield sweeping 120-degrees of sharp, brilliant panoramic photos!

Spinner 360

Inspired by a futuristic concept from the 1980s, the Lomography Spinner 360° takes panorama photography to an all new snapshot level!

Sprocket Rocket

A mouthwatering breakthrough in analogue technology: a compact 35mm with a super-wide panoramic lens, forward and backwards winding for multiple exposures, and of course, Sprockets!

Pinhole Microsites



Pay homage to the early days of photography with the family of pinhole cameras!

Paper Pinhole

Do-It-Yourself fans will have a lot of fun building their own paper pinhole camera, capable of producing devastatingly dreamy images!

Zero Pinhole Cameras

Go back to basics with Zero Pinhole cameras!

Russian Microsites



Check out the irresistible Russian family of Smena point and shoot cameras (8m, Symbol, and 35mm) – all yielding eye-popping colours and great contrast.


Boasting topnotch quality and design, the Zenit family offers a wide variety of excellent cameras and accessories, including the Horizon camera and Zenit SLRs.


The Zorki is a good-looking Russian Deadstock classic that offers the same excellent quality as the more expensive Leica.

Miscellaneous Microsites


Belomo Vilia

This point and shoot sports a premium glass lens, so you can be sure that your photos will turn out razor-sharp, with mind-blowing saturation!


Your favourite Lomographic plastic cameras just got shinier! The limited edition the Diana F+, Colorsplash, Supersampler and Fisheye 2 dazzle in chrome.

Colorsplash Camera

This compact 35mm camera takes brilliant photos and washes it with colour, thanks to the patented built-in colour wheel system.

Fuji Natura Classica

Ideal for natural-light fans; this premium Japanese camera can do without flash even during low-light conditions!


Born in Hong Kong sometime in the ‘80s, this chunky medium format camera was iconic for its vignetted square prints.

Instant Cameras

Meet our selection of Polaroid-style instant cameras, film and accessories!

La Sardina

An entirely fresh wide-angle camera that channels the design of the humble sardine can, the La Sardina is here to take you on exciting analogue adventures! Super-easy to use and full of experimental potential, it's all about maximum creativity and capturing great shots quickly.


Bringing analogue back to the movies, the LomoKino is a Lomography movie camera that shoots short, creative movies on 35mm film.


Single-use, preloaded camera with a built-in colour flash!


Our take on the twin-lensed classic, Lubitel camera; equipped with new features such as endless panorama and the option to take 35mm photos, among others!


This compact-sized camera boasts excellent photo qualities and superior optics!


This Chinese twin-lensed camera boasts glowing prints with vibrant colors and outstanding resolution!

110 Cameras

Lomography’s 110 cameras enable you to produce amazing photos on 110 format film. The cameras come with a bulb mode and are able to capture beautiful multiple exposures.

Belair X 6-12

The Belair X 6-12 is the world’s first auto-exposure medium format camera that takes ultra-wide images with superb sharpness and beautiful depth of field.

Lomography Analogue Prints

Let Lomography’s lab professionals carefully enlarge your negatives onto premium photo paper, no scanning or pixels involved! Absolute analogue craftsmanship.

Accessories Microsites


Colorsplash Flash

A burst of the Colorsplash tints your images in your desired colour!

Diana F+ Instant Back

The Diana Instant Back+ steals the show as the ultimate accessory through combining the world of Diana F+ creative possibilities with the immediate gratification of Polaroid-style photography!

Diana F+ SLR Adaptors

Introduce the whole range of effects achievable with the Diana F+ lenses and accessories to your 35mm Canon EOS or Nikon F series cameras!


No more squeezing negatives into standard frames! Lomography designed the DigitaLIZA to make scanning sprocket-holes, extra-long panoramas and overlapping exposures possible from the comfort of your own home!

Fisheye Holga

Imagine a circular image in a square print – that's possible with the Fisheye Holga!

Fisheye Submarine

The Submarine dares you to dive in with your Fisheye camera!


This powerful hotshoe flash is all you need for striking and dazzling strobe images!

LC-A+ Instant Back

See your photos instantly on the warm glow of Fuji Instax Mini Film! Simply attach the Instant Back+ and press the release button to get your instant photo!

Lomography Film

Proudly presenting Lomography Films. Precious emulsions ranging from colour negatives, slides, redscales to black & whites in 35mm, 110 and 120 film formats.


A unique electronic flash that fires coloured light and gives your subjects a flattering glow!


Slice and dice your LC-A+ images with the Splitzer!

Lomography Smartphone Scanner

Introducing a fast and easy way to instantly scan and share 35mm films using your Smartphone.

Lens Microsites


Petzval Lens

The New Lomography Petzval Art Lens is a stunning reinvention of the legendary Petzval Lens, which was first conceived of in Vienna, Austria, in 1840.

Russar Lens

The New Russar+ is a rebirth of the legendary 1958 Russar MR-2 - The mother of all modern super wide-angle lenses. Shoot sharp wide-angle photos bursting with wonderful character!

Micro Four Thirds Experimental Lens Kit

Compatible with all Micro 4/3 Digital cameras, the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit gives you full creative freedom.

Books Microsites


Colorsplash Chakra

Lomography teams up with Staple Design for a special edition camera and book – featuring the seven chakras of Colorsplashing.

Holga: The World Through A Plastic Lens

In honor of this all-consuming passion, we’ve created the greatest and only book dedicated to the global Lomographic pursuit of Holga mastery.

The Lomo LC-A+ Book

Bursting with over 3,000 LC-A images collected from the Lomographic community and the Lomography Archive, this book is indeed a visual history and homage to this most of charismatic of analogue cameras.

“Love from Waist Level” – the Lubitel+ Book

Devoted to Lubitel fans, this book is packed with interviews, historical tales and images, Lubitel Lover profiles, tips and tricks, and a massive gallery of medium format and 35mm Lubitel+ images!

Lomo Notebook

Organise your schedule, doodle, pick up some tricks and make notes in the handy Lomo Notebook!

Vienna City Guide

The first city guide from Lomography guarantees you a truly alternative experience as intriguing and eccentric as Vienna itself!

Urbanize: Supersampler Dalek

A mindblowing 168-page softcover tour de force, creator and edited by Dalek – the Brooklyn-based street-art genius, famous for his signature “space monkey” characters and bold, eye-popping colors!

Campaigns Microsites


Lomography Analogue Day

Make one day a week your Analogue Day

Cannes Mini Movie Contest

We teamed up with MUBI, the leading platform in Online cinema, to bring you the Mini Movie Contest at Cannes Film Festival 2011 – Read about the competition and see the best entries on our dedicated Microsite.

Lomo Kikuyu

An ongoing campaign by Lomography and the international aid organisation Light for the World, which produced the amazing LomoKikuyu “Good to See (Again) book. Proceeds are donated to pay for eye surgery in Kikuyu, Kenya.

The 10 Prophecies

Documenting our 10 Prophecies of the analogue future, we show you how to turn our unique analogue vision of the future into a reality, now. Analogue is authenticity. Analogue is truth. Analogue is reality. Go and live the life of Lomography!

Lomography Gift Suggestions

Welcome to Lomography’s Gift Program. You’ve landed in the right place if you’re looking for the perfect gifts for a party or corporate activity.

Wedding Gift Discounts

If you are looking to add a special touch to a wedding, then there is no better way than capturing the day through the lenses of some Lomography cameras!