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Are international taxes and duties included in the price of my order?
How much is shipping? (Europe/International)
How do I order and pay via money transfer? (International)
Do you ship to P.O. Box addresses?
Is there a limit to my purchasing? (Europe/International)
Is it possible to declare an item as a gift when it is shipped to avoid high customs tax?
Can I be informed when out-of-stock products are back in stock?
The item I purchased is defective! Does this item have warranty? (Europe/International)
What are the shipping details for the items that I purchased? (Europe/International)
How do I pay for the items that I want to purchase? (USA/Canada)
Can I pay for my Lomography.com order with a certified check or money order? (USA/Canada)
The item I purchased has stopped working! Does this item have warranty? (USA/Canada)
Will my order be immediately processed upon placement?
Where can I find Lomography products in my area?
How do I place an order on Lomography.com?
My Lomography.com order status says "On Hold (No Stock)." What does this mean?
How do I go through the Product Categories?
How do I view my Account History?
How much is shipping? (USA/Canada)
Are vouchers valid for all the items in the online shop?