110: How do I load and unload the film?

Haven’t shot 110 film before? Then you probably have no idea how easy it is to use. If you thought dealing with 35mm film was as easy as pie then you’ll probably start loading and unloading with your eyes closed.

To load, all you have to do is push the cartridge in. No sliding film into this or that slot. Then, once you’ve gone and shot everything you could find – including your aunt’s goldfish, you don’t even have to rewind it, just slide the button at the bottom and pull it out.

If for some reason, mid-cartridge you decide you’d rather shoot in B&W than in colour; then it’s also as simple as snow: just click out what you have in and replace it with whatever your heart desires. No winding and rewinding necessary. You’ll lose one shot. But that’s nothing in comparison to trying to change 35mm or 120 film mid-way.

written on 2012-07-02 in #film #110