How do I attach a flash to my Fisheye Baby 110?

The Fisheye Baby 110 camera does not have a PC Flash Adaptor and you won’t be able to attach a flash to the camera.

The Fisheye Baby 110 metal camera has the PC Flash Adapter and you will be able to attach the flash to it.

To attach a flash to your Fisheye Baby 110 metal camera, you will need to attach a PC Flash Adaptor into your PC flash connector.

Colorsplash Flash
Attaching a a Colorsplash Flash is really simple and you’ll be flashing colors away in no time. Just slot the flash into the PC Flash Adaptor and you’re good to go!

Diana F+ Flash

When using a Diana F+ Flash with a Fisheye Baby 110 Metal Edition, insert the flash into the Diana plug-to-hot shoe adaptor. This will enable you to slide the flash into the PC Flash Adaptor and then you’re all set!

Lomography Ringflash

To attach the Lomography Ringflash to your Fisheye Baby 110 Metal simply attach its hot shoe flash adaptor to the PC Flash Adaptor attached to your camera and you’re done!

Fritz the Blitz Flash

Attaching a Fritz the Blitz Flash requires a touch of creativity, but can be done just as easily as with the other flashes. First off, attach the Fritz the Blitz to its Adaptor Kit. Once this is done, and you’ve plugged the hot shoe adaptor cable into the flash, you can then attach the Fisheye Baby 110 Metal Edition via the PC Flash Adaptor. To hold the camera in place on the bracket you will need two rubber bands.

written on 2012-06-07 in #camera #fisheye-baby-110