Why the LomoLab?

By Lomographers for Lomographers, we want your images to look great so we supervise and develop the film ourselves!

Panoramic shots, sprocket holes, special Lomography formats, no problem!

We develop, scan and print it all!

Here’s how the LomoLab services work:
1. Select the type of film, the development that you need, and number of orders.
2. Add to cart and proceed to checkout. Choose the LomoLab Standard Shipping option.
3. We’ll be sending you an email containing the development codes which will be marked on your films. Send the films to your nearest Gallery Store or Headquarters in Vienna (for Europe).
4. We’ll process your film and send the negatives, prints and/or CD* back, depending on your order. A link will be emailed as well for you to download your photos.

*CDs are only available for UK orders. LomoKino orders in all countries, however, are posted in a CD.

If you live in the UK, post to Lomography Gallery Store East London, 117 Commercial Street, London, E1 6EG.
If you live in the US, post to Lomography Lab Online, 41 West 8th Street, New York City, NY 10011 (If mailing to the USA, please address it to Lomography Lab Online)

We’ve also set up a special Lomography page where you can access and download your photos for 60 days.

Best part is, you can also share with the community by uploading to your LomoHome in just one click!