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How do I earn Piggy Points? (August 2011 / Magazine Refresh)

Photo by: manue-la

What are Lomography Piggybank Coupons? Piggies are special online vouchers that you can spend in the Lomography Online Store. Each Piggy is equivalent to 1 EUR/USD/GBP!

How do I use my Piggies? Redeem your Lomographic Coupons in our Online Store Place whatever merchandise tickles your fancy into a shopping cart, and enter check out. At the payment confirmation screen, you will be given the option to redeem your Piggies! Please check for the minimum purchase requirements to use your piggies here

How do I earn Piggies? Piggies are earned through various ways:

Photo Of The Day

Photos Of The Day get hand-picked by our lovely LomoStaff – you can win Photo of the day more than once, and you get 5 Piggy Points for those truly spectacular photos. Only photos with completely tagged Metadata are eligible for this reward. Photos previously submitted in Rumbles/site competitions are also eligible. You could submit suggestions also at lhotd@lomography.com (be sure to include the URL of your Photo and username!)

Lomohome Of The Day

Getting the LomoHome Of The Day award is the easiest 50 Piggies you’ll ever get – all you have to do is catch the eye of our LomoStaff by filling up your LomoHome with those great shots and photosets! Your LomoHome must have at least 100 published photos, at least 1 published article and an avatar with your personal description available – this is not a strict rule, but we’re looking more into our dear users who update their homes frequently! After you have renovated your Home to your satisfaction, then simply email lhotd@lomography.com with your personal Lomographic Home URL http://www.lomography.com/homes/yourusername. You are now in the running. Please do not jam our LHOTD inbox, as our LomoJury is very picky…


  • Was Lomography featured in a Magazine, TV or Radio Show? Press releases perhaps?
  • Are there any interesting tidbits with the Analogue Photography world?

The News section welcomes contributions from any of the categories above. Or you could make your own!

Piggy Point compensation for News submissions are distributed upon discretion of the LomoStaff.

Check the News section submission guidelines here

Analogue Lifestyle

  • Got a personal story to tell? (My LomoStory)
  • Hooked up with a friend inside the Lomo Community? (My Friend)
  • Shot Doubles with a friend from a faraway land? (Doubles With You)
  • Got an interesting Interview with a popular photographer?
  • Have any philosophical musings about the progression of Analogue Photography?
  • Any other interesting tidbits that would be of interest to the Lomographic Community?

The Analogue Lifestyle section welcomes contributions from any of the categories above, Or you could make your own!

Piggy Point compensation for Analogue Lifestyle submissions are distributed upon discretion of the LomoStaff.

Check the News section submission guidelines here


If your exquisite Location gets picked for publishing you could bag 5 Piggies for every published one. We are also broadening our Locations into more categories outside your typical tourist destinations!

Check the LomoLocations section submission guidelines here


  • Cameras
  • Accessories
  • Film

Accepted submissions to any of these sections earns you 5 Piggy Points. New reviews (outside our current database) get 10 Piggy Points, and 10 Piggy Points if you fulfill submitting in any of our Requested Posts.

Check out the Reviews section submission guidelines here


  • 5 Piggy Points for any accepted review submission
  • 10 Piggy Points for an accepted review submission the matches a Requested Post
  • 30 Piggy Points for an accepted tutorial and if the submission also matched a Requested post we’ll make it 40!

Check the Tipster section submission guidelines here

Rumbles and Competitions

Join our competitions section for rumbles and collaborative efforts. Prizes range from 5 to 300 (or more) – as well as really special prizes from our analogue-friendly collaborators like bags, magazine subscriptions and even soda pop bottles!


If you win our monthly LomoMission, you could get really cool analogue prizes! from brand-new cameras, film and mystery products! Runners-up of the mission will receive 15, 10 or 5 Piggy Points

Requested Posts

With the new Requested Posts section, there’s a higher Piggy stake! It’s a great way to do some writing on research topics that will be of interest to the analogue community, and you’ll have more Pigs to spend! Requested Posts will be on a range of various topics, ranging from pretty much everything – News, reviews, in-depth research and more! 10 Piggies will be awarded for every successfully approved request! We are also giving out higher stakes for more difficult topics.


Our latest Piggy Earner for our Multilingual friends – earn 5 Piggy Points for every published Location in your own tongue and vice versa!

Check the general Translation Guidelines here

Featured Reviews of the Month

In lieu of our old featured reviews for the week, we are now introducing the Featured Reviews of the Month – a selection of the best of the best in all the Magazine sections at the end of the month. An additional 20 Piggy Points will be awarded to you if we select your article as the cream of the crop! The number of selections in each section will vary depending on how many articles we really like in a month, so there’s a bigger chance of you grabbing that 20 Piggy payout!

Other Concerns

Please refer to our Piggy Matters FAQ for queries on Piggy Point extensions and expiry dates. Piggy Announcements in the Magazine Prior to July 22, 2010 Are Null and Void.

Please refer to our Legal Document for questions about your photos being published/used by Lomography for promotional purposes.

For any comments/suggestions or any reactions please raise your concerns to piggies@lomography.com and the LomoStaff will try to accommodate your queries. Thanks a lot for understanding!

This post is also available in our FAQ as permanent referring point.