Because we want everyone in the world to be able to create and share gloriously analogue 35mm movies, we’re thrilled to announce the LomoKino and the Lomography Smartphone Scanner are now available at permanently reduced prices! Relive the glory days of holiday home movies, shoot a music video for your friend’s band or direct your own short film. This movie camera shoots 144 frames on all kinds of 35mm film and it works with special accessories to make movie-making more easy, fun and convenient! Head to the Online Shop to see the insane new prices!

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Check Out the New KONO! Tungsten 400/135 CN 3 pack

It’s originally meant for motion pictures, but this film was exclusively hand-rolled and hand-packed for use in your 35mm film camera. Try it under artificial light conditions and your photos will emit an overall cool blue tone; use it in daylight and you’ll get brilliant colors!

Photo of the Day by gmushinsky

Does the somber mood of autumn got you feeling sentimental? Congratulations to gmushinsky for winning Photo of the Day!

The Big Picture: The New Lomography Mystery Product (Part 1)

Yes, you read that right: Lomography has once again come up with a cool new product! But as much as we want to spill the beans right this moment—where would be the fun in that, right?—we've decided to make things a little more exciting by conducting a couple of rounds of good ol' guessing game. Sounds good? Step right in and see if you can crack our clues!

NASA uploads 8,400 photos of moon expeditions

NASA uploads 8,400 photos of moon expeditions

The Apollo Project has collated photos from various missions. Now on view: LRO shots of the lunar surface and Hasselblad captures from inside the space vehicle.

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Dkn78 is our LomoHome of the Day!

Dkn78 is our LomoHome of the Day!

From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to dkn78 for winning Home of the Day!

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